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10 Fast and Easy Ways to do Yoga on a Busy Schedule

Busy? Can’t make it to yoga class?

Here are some ways to practice yoga on a busy schedule–some are as short as one minute and others can be as long you like. You can incorporate a few of these into your day as free time opens up.

The most important component is to connect your mind, body, and breath. Any time you connect, that is yoga regardless if you make it to yoga class or not.

  1. Try out this minimalist at-home yoga practice from Everett Bogue. (Editor’s note on March 15: Everett Bogue no longer blogs and has removed this post from the internets.)
  2. Laugh out loud for one minute–laughter expands life.
  3. Kapalbhati breathing in the shower or preparing breakfast or getting dressed.
  4. Inhale deeply and exhale thoroughly for 2 minutes while on hold on the telephone.
  5. First bend forward at the waist to place your hands under your feet in Padahastasana or just reach as far as you can in Uttanasana before putting on your shoes.
  6. Chant om as you ride your bike–it keeps me warm in the winter!
  7. Imagine that you are breathing through alternate nostrils while waiting in line anywhere–the ensuing relaxation is almost as good as if you did put your hand up to your nose. If you dare, DO alternate nostril breathing while waiting in line!
  8. Clean your eyes through concentrated internal or external gazing–at a candle flame, for example, at a bar or restaurant when the conversation gets boring.
  9. Listen to my guided relaxation mp3 which you can do sitting while commuting on the bus or train. Please do not listen to this while you are driving! Sign up for my newsletter to get it.
  10. Make an intention for your day when you wake up and return to it throughout the day when you have a moment or two. Return to this intention before you go to sleep.

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