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3 Tools to Stop Worrying


How many times a day do you find yourself doing the following?

  • obsessively worry
  • hit up sugar
  • reach for a cocktail
  • vent on your partner or friend
  • compulsively shop
  •  pin mindlessly on Pinterest
  • watch too much TV
  • fill in the blank with your favorite way to soothe yourself to avoid your real fears?

Usually to stop one of these obsessive and unproductive behaviors, I turn to yoga and yoga nidra to bring myself back to the present moment.

Photographer and coach Catherine Just shared another way to stop worrying (hap tip to Helen Hunter McKenzie‘s Cause Effect) :

photographing your feet.

Let the act of seeing your feet bring you back to your body.

Let the act of photographing your feet remind you that you are not your thoughts or your actions.

I love Catherine’s idea for a few reasons.

First, it’s creative. Worry is anything but creative. By being creative, you’re no longer in worry mode. You’ve replaced it with expressing yourself.

Second, by photographing your feet every time you worry, you’ll have a physical reminder of all the times you were able to set worries aside and move on to something productive.

Third, it can be a project. Make a journal of your worry photographs either printed on your wall or online so that you can see not only your feet change over time but also your frequency of worries.

So here are my three tools to stop worrying : yoga, yoga nidra, and photographing your feet.

How often do you worry? And what do you do to stop worrying?






Photos by Catherine Just, used with permission.

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