Hi, I’m Bettina. What I'm working on : Forget to slouch. Relaxing is freedom. Choose life.

About Me

Hi, I’m Bettina.

I help people relax their bodies and focus their minds through yoga and meditation. I specialize in teaching digital entrepreneurs who are new to yoga how to feel fully alive and free in their bodies.

Yoga and meditation gives you:

♥ Connection to your body, mind, breath–the core of who you are

♥ Power to heal yourselves physically, emotionally, & spiritually

♥ Emotional & mental balance & strength

♥ Less stress & way more joy

The more we take care of our bodies, the more they take care of us. Tender loving self-care starts with being aware of our bodies. Yoga trains us to use consciously different parts of our bodies and to go to our limits, if we so choose.

What I offer

In everything I do, I do my best to stay true to my values, which include:

♥ Provoke Impact. I’m teaching yoga to change things up & impfrove your life.

♥ Be Kind & Generous. Share all I have with positive intentions.

♥ Stay Curious. Grow slowly & continuously at my edges.


Yoga ashram in India where I trained.

Since 2000, I’ve been practicing yoga in Tucson, New York, Dallas, Paris, La Réunion, India, and now Berlin. I trained to be a yoga teacher at the Yoga Vidya Dham in India in 2009, but I started teaching a few months before my training because I couldn’t wait to share yoga to help people.

Now that I’m traveling around half the world for six months (one of my dreams!), I’ve made a free video series to help digital creatives take care of their hands.

One of my inspirations for teaching yoga was healing myself from carpal tunnel syndrome / tendinitis, so if I can only help people with one thing, I want you to not stress out your active hands in the first place.

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