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Lunch Yoga Class

Summer Break starting in July — last class for the summer June 21, 2012
Tree Yoga Pose


Recharge with a yoga lunch break. Best way to get through the afternoon.

It’s lunch time! Step away from the gadgets & recharge your own human batteries.

A short all-level yoga class during lunch is just what you need to relax & relieve stress mentally as well as to stretch out the kinks in your neck, shoulders, & lower back physically.

Come try out a 55-minute yoga class during lunch 12:05pm to 1pm every Thursday. You’ll accomplish more & feel more alert in the afternoons. What other way do you know to restore your energy, focus your mind and stop bad posture all at the same time?

And I promise not to get you too sweaty.

Note: Eat lunch after yoga. You can buy lunch after yoga in the café in the courtyard – one less thing to worry about. Enjoy your lunch in either the outdoor eating area, indoor café, or take your packed lunch back to work.

Class size: Class will be 8 students at most, so you’ll get lots of individual attention.

Price: 7 euros.

Register for class by getting in touch with me.

What if I can’t make it to class?

I made a video to help you do secret yoga if you can’t step away from your desk and included a script below the video to convince your boss to let you come to yoga.

If you really can’t get away, bring yoga to your workplace with my corporate yoga class.


Tree Yoga Pose illustration above by Etsy seller ArtbyKellie