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DIY Yoga Staycation in Treptow, Berlin, Germany

Treptow Yoga Retreat

Photos, from left: view of and from Badeschiff by del planeta imaginario, interior of the Krematorium Treptow by berlin.unlike.net

Only about two months left in 2011–what have you chosen to leave undone and what have you accomplished? And for the ambitious ones among us, what can you still do before we blow the candle out on 2011?

Now is the perfect time to slow down, unplug from the internet & gadgets for a weekend, and reconnect to your body and your goals. I’m a huge advocate of DIY-ing a yoga retreat weekend at home in the middle of Berlin. Treat yourself to a yoga workshop or a weekend series of classes at a local Berlin yoga studio and then relax, indulge, and get quiet in my favorite Treptow places :

♥ Swim or sweat

at Badeschiff–an outside pool on the River Spree by summer and an insulated sauna by winter

♥ Brunch

at Freischwimmer if you can get a seat on the floating platform on a sunny day

♥ Journal & meditate

at the crematorium–yes, the Krematorium Treptow. Designed by Axel Schultes and Charlotte Frank who designed the Kanzleramt on the other side of Berlin, the crematorium opened in 1999. The architecture is modern, simple, and open.

In medieval India groups of ascetic practioners of yoga hung out at cremation grounds, smeared themselves in ashes, grew their hair long, and basically lived on the margins of society. I’m not advocating this lifestyle, but the idea is food for thought : how you live your life depends on your relationship with death.

Think of what you’d like to look back at on your deathbed. Write that down in your journal and keep it somewhere where you can see it every day. No regrets; give life a whirl.

♥ Paddle in nature

on the Spree at Insel der Jugend

If you’ve been to the Treptow neighborhood of Berlin or live here, have you any other recommendations for me? What else would you need to make an urban setting a yoga retreat? Tell me in the comments section!



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