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How to lose weight with Yoga, Part 2: Asanas / Yoga Postures

How do yoga asanas / postures reduce weight? Fats accumulate in areas of reduced blood flow, so yoga increases blood flow to these areas. The body starts using these fats for energy when fewer calories are eaten. So increase blood flow to the areas you want to lose weight.

You burn more fats on an empty stomach, so do the asanas early in the morning or when you are hungry!

But remember that weight loss is a side effect of yoga. If you are overweight, any yoga would help you lose weight, but the following specific postures / asanas speed up the process of weight loss:

  1. Surya namaskar / sun salutations at high speed, which means one round for every 15 seconds for 32 rounds without stopping. It becomes aerobic. If you can’t do 32 rounds, work up to it. Start with 12 rounds, 18 rounds, then 25 rounds. It gets easier with time. Not good for you if you have high blood pressure, however.
  2. A few yoga asanas / postures affects the thyroid, which controls metabolism. Hold shoulder stand + plow + fish for 2-3 minutes each. If you can’t hold them for that long, try for as long as possible without strain.
  3. To combat abdominal fats, try the half-spinal twist, forward bend, cobra and boat, wheel, bow poses—they all increase blood flow.
  4. To increase blood flow to your lower abdominals and thighs, practice camel and sputa vajrasana yoga postures / asanas.
  5. To lose weight around your thighs, all standing poses, trikonasana, and eagle pose help.

Please note that if you don’t have any background in yoga, it would be best to learn these postures / asanas from a teacher.

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