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I Quit Sugar Postmortem : 5 things I’ve learned from quitting sugar

Quitting sugar

My eight weeks of quitting sugar has finally come to an end.

So what have I learned?

  1. Frankly, I hardly missed sugar. I was fine without sugar as long as I kept eating fat and didn’t ever get ferociously hungry. As long as I kept my body fed and happy, I could decide whether to say yes or no to sweets. Finally, I’m in control rather than sugar.
  2. My sensitivity to sugar has increased. I eat half the amount of cake as I would before. I never found milk sweet before, but now I can taste its natural gentle sweetness from lactose.
  3. I’ve learned that sugar is hidden everywhere : Dijon mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce, pasta sauces, salty chips, sushi rice, almost everything in a package.
  4. People either found it totally weird and extreme that I wasn’t eating sugar or else they thought it was awesome but not something that they could ever do.
  5. That said, doing something hard with other people makes it way easier. Knowing that I wasn’t the only one who’s lapsed into a sweet indulgence or being inspired by their sugar-free recipes kept me going after I got off track.

If you want to quit sugar too, follow my journey of quitting sugar week by week :

If you want to more support in quitting sugar, buy like I did Sarah Wilson’s how-to manual on quitting sugar (edited to add: since I wrote this post, Sarah has updated her book with a different cover) :

I Quit Sugar Book Cover by Sarah Wilson

If you buy through my link–THANK YOU–I get $6 from her, and it’s the same price for you but you also get my bonus PDF detailing where to get some of the supplies that’s hard to find outside of Australia. Once you make your purchase through my link, please contact me with your order number, I’ll send you my bonus PDF.

Illustration of Anti-saccharrites by James Gillray (which I first saw at Berlin’s Sugar Museum)

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