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I Quit Sugar : Progress Notes from Week 2


Thank you, dear readers, for keeping me on track with quitting sugar for eight weeks. When I feel totally alone in quitting sugar, I just think of you on the other side of the screen and how I have to report back about my weekly progress.

Quitting Sugar : Success Story from cutting back

First, a success story before I tell you about my cake attack breakdown. So the first week was to cut down on sugar, which for me meant drinking espresso black or with plain milk. Surprise! I wanted to drink fewer espressos throughout the day once they weren’t so tasty anymore. But for the entire week I stuck to this, about which I’m happy.

Cake Attack : Lessons Learned from cutting back on sugar

Going into quitting sugar, I knew that sugary snacks were ways I’d pick myself up after a long, tiring day. So yesterday I had a long, tiring day, and I just had to have something junky in my system. Now that I can’t eat cookies or cakes, I decided to buy some chips because those salty suckers must not have sugar, right? Guess what? Every single package of chips whose ingredients I read had sugar. Or else lactose or dextrose or another sugar. Who knew that to make paprika, salt & vinegar, sour cream & onion, ‘Mexican’ flavors, you need sugar?!

In any case, I went home disappointed without a snack to treat myself, thinking that not eating sugar means not eating any junk food–treats–at all. This was perhaps my mistake.


A few hours later at home, my crazy monkey mind and will power just got tired of resisting–did you know that will power really is like a muscle? When your will power gets tired from being tested too much, at the end of the day, you just give in. As proof of that last night I polished off a jar of chocolate brownie cake (see photo above) that I had bought from Emma at the dessert market / Naschmarkt in late December that was standing around in my kitchen.

So instead of eating a jar of cake with a spoon like it was Ben and Jerry’s, what I should have done is anticipated my impeding lack of willpower and bought a substitute treat like full-fat yogurt with cacao nibs at the store. No judgments, however. I really needed a pick-me-up last night, so I gave myself what was convenient. Compassion leads to sustainable changes.

From week one of quitting sugar, I learned that I need to have alternative treats around so that I don’t just treat myself with cakes and cookies. In fact, I may need to have two treats–one food treat and one non-food treat so that I can start thinking of food as fuel for my body and not as ways of being nice to myself.

How do you treat yourself well in ways that are not related in food but is accessible at any time and / or portable ?

Let me know in the comments section!

And for week two of quitting sugar I’ll be eating more fat and protein so that I feel full rather than deprived. For breakfast I eat one or two hard-boiled eggs with salt and pepper instead of my usual fruit smoothies. In fact, I’ll be trying to eat fat and protein with every meal.

If you want to join me, you can read my progress notes from week 1, follow along by buying for $15 Sarah Wilson’s how-to manual on quitting sugar, or read Sarah Wilson’s blog about her Quitting Sugar program.

Edited to say: Those of you who bought Sarah Wilson’s quitting sugar manual by clicking my link (you get the same price, and I get a commission from her), THANK YOU! I had promised that I’d share with you where I buy in Germany and the US the supplies Sarah Wilson recommends in her quitting sugar shopping list, since Sarah is based in Australia.

Since this is my first time working as an affiliate, I didn’t realize when I made that promise that I don’t get a list of people who bought through my link. So if you want my German and/or American version of the quitting sugar shopping list, please contact me with your order receipt. Sorry for the extra trouble! But it may be worth it: having a shopping list has helped me stay focused at the grocery store!

First photo from Michele Amato; second photo Südwind-Shop

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