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I Quit Sugar Week 6 : Time to add sugar back to my diet?


After six weeks of quitting sugar, of which four weeks were cold turkey–that means, no honey, no stevia, no fruit, Sarah Wilson‘s program allows for adding fruit back in.

But I don’t feel ready yet for sugar. The idea of quitting sugar cold turkey is to get the addiction to the sweet fix out of my system, but I’ve lapsed a few times during my four weeks. Two times I did so consciously, but two other times…well, let me just tell you that it is dangerous to have a box of chocolates from out-of-town guests just standing around innocently in my living room. And ever since I lapsed and had a chocolate, I’ve been back to craving chocolate every night : chocolate bonbons, cake, mousse, hot cacao.

It’s funny, because in Sarah’s experience she was ‘repulsed by the taste [of sugar]…it seemed so acidic and cloying’. As for me, sugar in the form of dark chocolate still rocks my world. So I ordered more than 60 euros’ worth of 100% glucose chocolates from Frusano. It’s the only recommended sugar, because it contains no fructose. I can’t wait until my box arrives…

If you’re also on the journey of quitting sugar, how are you dealing with sugar addiction or withdrawal? How do you know when you’re over it? Do share your tips with me!

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