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I Quit Sugar Week 7 : Sugar’s back!

Sugar Free Cakes

So I’ve been adding sugar back to my diet slowly but gleefully after a few weeks of not having any sugar at all.

The plan is that I’m supposed to add some low-sugar fruits first, but I’ve just been eating sugar as they pop up in my life.

For example, today I went out for Thai food with my coworkers. And now I can really taste the sugar in the yellow curry sauce. Before I would have been surprised if you told me that Thai curry sauces were sweetened, but after a few weeks of very limited sugar I can actually taste its sweetness.

Because it was part of our set menu, I had a blackberry-juice-based sparkler at dinner last week.

And tomorrow I will eat a slice of cake to celebrate a birthday.


I don’t know if its just coincidence, but a few hours after I drank the sugary juice drink last week I had a slight buzzy headache. And today after I ate the sugar-laden Thai curry, I got the same kind of headache in the afternoon. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow after the birthday cake if sugar really gives me headaches.

Meanwhile, my huge box of chocolate bars from Frusano arrived! Frusano is the only company offering chocolates sweetened with dextrose. The chocolates taste silky smooth, almost normal.

If you don’t live in Germany and find international shipping prohibitively expensive, I found a recipe to make Chocolate Toffee Drops with dextrose from Sugar is Poison:


Sugar Free Dextrose Chocolate

125 g solidified coconut oil
3/4 cup dextrose
6 T cocoa
4 T full cream milk powder
a pinch of salt

Melt 125g of solidified coconut oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Dissolve 3/4 cup dextrose in some water on the stove and then add the coconut oil. Sift the 6 tablespoons cocoa, 4 tablespoons full cream milk powder and a pinch of salt together, and then add to the liquid. Spoon into moulds, a tin or just spread it out on a piece of foil and refrigerate till set.

Thank you if you’re reading this. Thank you if you’ve been on the journey with me. It’s you who keep me honest…just two more weeks! And then back to chocolates and cakes!

Photo sources from top to bottom: Ann Mah, Australia Entertains, and Sugar is Poison

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