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I Quit Sugar Week 8 : Choosing Sugar Consciously

Sugar in my bowl

So it’s the last week of quitting sugar, but I’ve already started to experiment with adding sugar back to my diet about a week and a half ago.

Usually when I’ve been integrating sugar back into my diet, I try not eat too much of the sugary stuff–just one bite or as little as I can. Over the weekend, however, I was invited to a traditionally German coffee-and-cake afternoon party where there’s basically tons of cakes, coffee, and tea. I decided that I was really going to eat as much cake as I wanted, like I used to before I quit sugar. Back before I quit sugar, I’d definitely eat a slice from each cake and then go back for seconds or thirds from my favorite/s. I thought that perhaps I’d revert back to my sugar-loving ways.

I was pleasantly surprised by what my body told me I wanted once I gave myself full permission to eat as much sugar as I wanted : I had a slice from two of the cakes and four or five waffle hearts, but I never even made it to the third cake. I was repulsed by the taste the way Sarah Wilson is. I really enjoyed the cakes as indulgences. I just didn’t need as much as before to be satisfied. Unfortunately, my body was not used to all that sugar,  and after that party I could not fall asleep until 3 or 4AM due to the sugar high.

I had the same reaction with the fructose-free chocolates I ordered. Previously, I finished bars of chocolate in two-three days. It’s been about ten days since my chocolates arrived, and I still have yet to finish a bar, even though I allow myself to have as much as I want. I just don’t crave them like I used to. In Sarah Wilson’s words, “The enemy just leaves the battlefield.” It’s just no longer an issue.

Results from quitting sugar

Even though other people report weight loss from quitting sugar, I don’t have a scale and don’t know if I gained or lost weight. I can testify, however, that my tummy was flatter when I quit sugar 100%, because I wasn’t retaining water. I did have a clearer head throughout the entire day, and I rarely got slumps when I needed something to pick me up.

Going forward, I’ll be back to eating fruit, chocolate (fructose-free for a while until I finish the many, many chocolate bars I ordered), and sweets.

The changes I’ll stick to from my eight weeks of quitting sugar are

  • drinking coffee and tea without added sweetness
  • not drinking fruit juice or fizzy sweet drinks at bars–just ordering water!
  • eating fat-full snacks when I’m hungry rather than reaching for a sugar-laden pick-me-up
  • adding flaxseed oil to my dinners to get happily full and to get my fatty acids
  • reading labels to see how much fructose is present and trying to stay below 3-6 grams of sugar per 100 g serving

I don’t want to become an anti-sugar bore, but quitting sugar has really improved my mental and physical health. If you’re interested, you can start the journey by finding out more from my first blog post about quitting sugar.



Illustration by noodlehug

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