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It’s The First Annual Active Hands Yoga Scholarship Contest! (Cheers & Jubilation)

In honor of my 1st anniversary at Heilehaus, where I teach yoga currently in Kreuzberg, I decided have an Annual Active Hands Yoga Scholarship Contest!  And the crowd goes wild! So if you want your chance to win a private yoga session and customized yoga routine on video for $0 (instead of, oh, 142.50 euros), keep reading.

To enter, answer the two following juicy questions here or email me the answers privately. So gimme all you got!

1. Tell me the biggest challenge you are facing in your mental and/or physical wellness right now (stress, out-of-control emotions like anxiety, insomnia, foggy brain, low energy).

2. What would be your dream outcome in your mental and/or physical wellness?

I’ll be closing the Contest on November 7th & announcing the winner the same day via email. To find out if you win, sign up for my mailing list made just for this contest (not my regular newsletter!): http://eepurl.com/gJI9P

So hop to it!



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