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Advantages of a Live Yoga Class versus Yoga Videos

One of my best friends just moved to a new city to follow her partner’s career. She’s deeply homesick and struggling to find roots in her new town. To find her feet, she immediately looked for a yoga studio. She found one that feels good and like home, but recently she just wanted to cry through an entire yoga class. She wouldn’t be the first nor the last to cry through class.

We hold our feelings in our bodies, whether stress or sadness. Sometimes our yoga practice is the only time we allow for intimate internal focus in a safe environment, so that’s when the tears come. And you can really cry in class. Everyone is focused on themselves, and your teacher has seen it all. It feels good to acknowledge your feelings in a semi-public space.

A live group class format allows you to, moreover,

♥ be inspired and supported by the community of students around you

♥ learn progressively, building upon what you’ve learned before rather than piecemeal learning cobbled here and there

♥ deepen your understanding of one yoga style

ask for help from your teacher and your fellow students

♥ accountability to keep going and growing so that you can see internal and external results

Elena Brower yoga quote
Elena Brower, one of the most authentic yoga teachers I’ve met online.

There are some great yoga videos out there on the internet. They give a taste of a teacher’s style, expose you to something new and perhaps way beyond your level, inform you about specific asanas /postures, and keep your practice going strong at home or while on the road.

But a video is not a replacement for a local yoga teacher, because a live teacher

♥ corrects you in your postures

♥ inspires you to do the postures you’d usually skip on your own (everyone, even yoga teachers, have those!)

♥ introduces you to new teachings that you may not have searched out yourself or even known to search out

In the end, online & in person (that is, offline) yoga teacher Tiffany Cruikshank sums it up best:Tiffany Cruikshank yoga quote
What do you find helpful about yoga classes and yoga videos?

Would you want to see yoga videos from me?

Let me know your thoughts and reactions in the comments.



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