Hi, I’m Bettina. What I'm working on : Forget to slouch. Relaxing is freedom. Choose life.


Rave reviews for my Yoga Classes

“The lunch hour yoga session was brilliant. Bettina is a an experienced teacher and really helpful…we’ll definitely go there regularly from now on. Highly recommended!” — Edial D., Founder of Gidsy

“Great class – relaxed, easy-going and a nice way to break up the work day.” — Pei W.

“Great yoga class! Comfortable setting and well-paced to meet students’ various skill levels. Really good way to get a mid-day energy boost! Will definitely sign up again.” — Mary M.

“Bettina was great! The workout was beginner-intermediate and she made sure to adjust to everyone’s level. It was nice having a break in my hectic day to participate in a little relaxing yoga class. Great for men and women and working professionals who need a “namaste” break in their day!” — Natalie K.

“Bettina led a great class and is a really good teacher! I had a great practice, and loved the small class size. Perfect for a quick, low-impact lunch-hour work out. I will definitely be going back.” — Katie N.

“Bettina held a really good class. It was exactly the right pace for me and the time just flew by. I can wholeheartedly recommend the class. ” — Anne H.

I pushed myself further in Bettina’s yoga class than I normally would–into a shoulder stand!” — Max B.

“I really enjoyed the classes. The postures…seemed to be very good for beginners, easy to follow but still challenging. The way you were talking us through the exercises was also very good, so we knew what to concentrate on. So yes…it was a very good course! I also think it’s great of you to pay so much attention to everyone’s questions.” — Mirja

“The classes were coordinated so smoothly and flowingly and that made it easy to want to come to class every time. I reached the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the course and this is mostly thanks to your guidance.” — Liis Kambek, Founder of Nutridata



Profiled on Gidsy’s Logbook in 2012

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