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Personalized yoga sequence on video

Want a custom yoga routine to address your needs?

I can design a custom 20-30 minute yoga practice video based specifically on your personal challenges or goals for your yoga practice.

Struggling with a yoga pose? Healing after an injury? Have a crazy schedule so you can’t ever make it to yoga class?

This one’s for you!

After a one-on-one consultation with me to figure out your challenges on the yoga mat, your home practice goals, and the area of your yoga practice you’d like to work on, I’ll create a personalized 20-30 minute yoga practice video designed just for you to help address the issues that matter most to you on your mat.

With a personalized yoga sequence on digital video made especially for you, you can repeat the routine over and over anywhere to get the results you want.

Here’s how it worked out for one of my private clients :

I’m trying to get more in shape. Well, I’m fairly in shape, I just think I need a calming, sot of meditative thing to do in the mornings. I’m not a class-type person, so I thought a 10-15 minute little video I could watch a day would be good; something to calm my mind and also wake up my body a bit, if that makes sense. I’m definitely not into the fast, super sweaty type of yoga thing.

Since she also told me what level she was at, I designed a yoga sequence that would be a stretch for her so that she could grow into it for the next few months.

And she raves :

I love the video SO MUCH, I can’t even tell ya! It introduces me to a bunch of new poses that I like a lot. The video is so clear and comprehensible. Your way of explaining yoga is so calming and nice, I just love it. I really feel like if I come home after a long day of work, the yoga fixes my back up and sort of resets my body in a nice way. I’m really loving yoga!

Want your own custom yoga video for 75 euros?

After you book a custom yoga video, let me know what you’re looking for in your yoga practice.

I can’t wait to help you unfurl your home yoga practice.