Hi, I’m Bettina. What I'm working on : Forget to slouch. Relaxing is freedom. Choose life.

Something you don’t know about me

Here’s a short and sweet video I made while goofing around after yoga class in which I reveal one of my private yoga projects for 2012.

Other people make resolutions for January; I decide what I want to experience in 2012 and keep on trying until it happens.

Watch the video to find out an experience I want to have this year:

YouTube Preview Image


Where in your life have you left before you had to?

Where do you give up early and take yourself out of the game?

This applies to yoga postures but also anything else you’re working on.

For example, do you not ask your boss for a raise because you assume the answer will be no?

Do you not ask that interesting person out for a tea because you’re afraid of being rejected?

Don’t make the decisions before the experience–let the experience teach you.


If you have any questions about yoga, meditation, or eating with integrity, let me know and I’ll answer you in next Thursday’s Q and A.



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