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Arm and Back Stretches

Because the last two stretching videos require that you move from your desk, this week I show you some arm stretches you can do sitting at your desk, in the subway, at the cafe waiting for your coffee, even standing in line.

Again, if you have any kind of pain, stretching may not help. Please go seek professional help, like a doctor, holistic or otherwise.

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ACTION STEP: Set your timer until your next 5-minute work break. When the timer goes off, try these exercises. (If you’re wondering why I ask you to set a timer–have you ever done any kind of exercise without scheduling it in? Scheduling in breaks where you stretch is part of the solution!) Stay as long in the stretch as it feels good to do so, breathing slowly and evenly.

Do this every day for one week, and let me know if you notice any difference.

Any other questions about yoga, meditation, or healthy living keep you up at night?

Let me know and I’ll answer you in next Thursday’s Q and A.