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5 Magic Vegan Rock Star Ingredients

Vegan Umami Ingredients

One hard thing about eating vegan for me is finding ways to make food delicious without the use of cheese.

For many vegetarians cheese, especially freshly grated Parmesan, is the magic dust that makes almost all foods delicious.

Cheese, especially aged cheese like Parmesan, adds a kick of umami, a taste that translates as ‘meaty’ or ‘savory’, to pasta, grains, over soups, pizza…almost everything except for chocolate, unless you like your chocolate savory.

To help you get over cheese during your try vegan challenge, here are my top five magic vegan umami ingredients to bring some savory flavor.

Top Five Vegan Umami Ingredients


1. Tomatoes in any form but especially sun-dried tomatoes (top right in the photo)

2. Nutritional yeast extract / Marmite / Vegemite (bottom right in the photo)

3. Mushrooms, especially dried mushrooms, because drying increases their guanylate content (top left in the photo).

4. Fermented soy like miso or fermented soy sauce aka shoyu

5. Kombu and nori seaweed (bottom left in the photo)


What’s your secret weapon to make vegan dishes taste amazing?





Photos clockwise from top left by Edwinek, televiseus, Johnson Cameraface, and katteballetje