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Fancy Vegan in Berlin : Lucky Leek in Photos

To kick off my try vegan month, the last night in July I had dinner at the best vegan restaurant in Berlin–Lucky Leek. There are quite a few delicious vegan restaurants in Berlin, but Lucky Leek is consistently surprising in their menu options. In addition, I love how complex their dishes are, with several layers of tastes. It’s the total opposite of my dead simple vegan lunches. I’ll let the food speak for itself through below.


Strawberry Juice Sparkler and a tall Beer

We started with a strawberry juice sparkler and a tall beer.
















Vegan Gazpacho and Salade Nicoise at Lucky Leek

For starters I had the Apple Melon Gazpacho – Iced Spanish Vegetable Soup Mint, Cripy Hazelnut Ball, and my dining partner had the Salade Niçoise Nori-Cucmber Rolls, Marinated Cherrytomatoes, Green Beans, Pesto Potatoes.













Vegan Saltimbocca and Mystery Main at Lucky Leek

For our mains I had the Saltimbocca made from Sweet Potato Baked Almond Cheeze Potato, Olive Caponata Vegetables and I cannot for the life me remember what my dining partner had. I believe it was some sort of pumpkin risotto ?

Mystery Deliciousness from Lucky Leek

I did get a close-up of the mystery main, however.