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How could your life change if you were relaxed?

Relax at the Beach Anthropolgie-Style

If you were relaxed,

it wouldn’t matter that

+ the website takes 5 more seconds to load than expected

+ a stranger calls you to sell you something you don’t need

+ you stub your toe

+ the person on the bus next to say is speaking way too loudly into their cell phone

+ you leave a tissue in your pocket and run it through the washing machine

+ tourists walk painfully slow ahead of you on the sidewalk

+ you get a paper cut

+ people don’t park inside their lines

+ buses arrive late

+ you have a bad hair day

+ it rains

If you were relaxed,

+ would you be irritated at the slightest thing or be the bigger person and let it go?

+ would you yell back and escalate road rage?

+ instead of ignoring the growth opportunities –because you can’t deal with anymore MORE right now–you’d welcome and search them out ?

+ would you be annoyed at your partner for forgetting to put the toilet seat down again?

+ would a rude shop assistant ruin your day?

+ or stepping in dog poo on the sidewalk?

If you were relaxed, the little things don’t matter.

You could focus on the big things, like saving the world, funding your start-up, or traveling for six months.

By relaxing, I mean to feel what you feel, to lean into it, and to accept it because its the truth of where you are.

When you stop fighting or judging your experience, you can relax.

Relax now in seven minutes with my free mp3.

Photo from Anthropologie via Fashionising

Why do we only breathe through the nose? A breathing exercise for relaxation and letting go

Most people know that in yoga we recommend only breathing through the nose. But that’s not true all of the time.

Watch my video below to learn a very simple breathing exercise that helps you let go of stress and stale air in your body by breathing out through the mouth.

YouTube Preview Image

ACTION STEP: Try this breathing technique the next time you transition from a stressful situation–maybe when you get off work? Or during your lunch break?

If you’ve got any questions about yoga, meditation, healthy living, let me know and I’ll answer you in next Thursday’s Q and A video.