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Back and Shoulder Stretch Exercises

To follow up on last week’s video to strengthen your wrists, I offer you this week two stretches for your upper back and shoulders against the wall. If you have discomfort in your wrists, most likely it also affects your entire arm, including your shoulders.

If you have any kind of pain, however, step away from the computer and go see a doctor! If you’re already in pain, stretching may even make it worse.

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ACTION STEP: Set your timer until your next 5-minute work break. When the timer goes off, try these exercises. Stay as long in the stretch as it feels good to do so, breathing slowly and evenly.

Do this every day for one week, and let me know if you notice any difference.

Any other questions about yoga, meditation, or healthy living running through your head all day? Let me know and I’ll answer you in next Thursday’s Q and A.