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Urban Yoga Retreat in Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

Neukoelln Yoga Retreat

Photos, clockwise from top left: pomegranites, Stadtbad Neukölln, cake at Vux, Körnerpark

To continue with my series on how to create the calm and serene atmosphere of a yoga retreat weekend at home in the middle of the city, I’m showing my Neukölln favorite places.

Treat yourself to a yoga workshop or a weekend series of classes at a local Berlin yoga studio and then relax and indulge and connect with yourself :

♥ Swim and sweat in a sauna

at the Greco-Roman-styled Stadtbad Neukölln (but watch out for the nudist nights! unless that’s how you like to roll)

Also, tip for Americans / shy people, the saunas in Germany are nude all the time. Yes, it’s true.

♥ Sit down and eat

at the omnivorous Fortuna’s Feast whose menu changes every day. Get the mashed potatoes (creamiest potatoes ever, like mousse) with the cherry chutney if they are on the menu; you will not regret it!

♥ Journal

over vegan cake and cupcakes at the darling Café Vux

♥ Walk in nature

at the Comenius Garden, where you have to ring the doorbell and wait for them to buzz you in, and at the neighboring classically designed Körnerpark

♥ Go to market

on the Lankwehr canal at a small organic market on Tuesdays and Fridays, right at the end of the conventional vegetable market at Schinkestrasse. There’s food, music, and TONS of people. It feels like the heart of Kreuzkölln on these days, because all sorts of different types of people come together at market.

PS: It’s not organic, BUT…at the other end of the market, where the Maybachufer meets Kottbusser Damm, there is a fresh orange and pomegranite juice stand. Fresh pomegranite juice is delicious on a hot sunny day, take it from someone who knows.

If you’ve been to the Neukölln neighborhood of Berlin or live here, have you any other recommendations for me? What else would you need to make an urban setting a yoga retreat? Tell me in the comments section!