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Urban Yoga Retreat in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Kreuzberg Yoga Retreat copy

Photos, clockwise from top left: flotation pool at Liquidrom, raw salad by B. Alive, view of the Cafe am Engelbecken at one end of the Luisenstadt Canal, fresh carrots to top the garden pizza at Prinzessinnengarten

Create the calm and serene atmosphere of a yoga retreat weekend in the middle of Berlin with the following Kreuzberg highlights and a yoga workshop or weekend at a local Berlin yoga studio:

♥ A place to indulge

with delicious vegan chocolate ice cream at Tanne B. on Lausitzer Platz

♥ A place to sit down and eat

with raw vegan chef Boris of B. Alive! at his dinner club, which is usually full of interesting people–highly recommended

♥ A place to swim and sweat

float in the dark salt-water pool to listen to music under water at Liquidrom–people say it’s like being in the womb again. I just like to tune out here and then sweat out toxins in the different saunas.

♥ A casual cafe in the middle of nature

I love journaling in the middle of the Prinzessinnengarten, a reclaimed urban mobile garden. In the back, after all the vegetable beds, there are some slim trees that make an oasis right by a huge intersection. It’s magical how they’ve made it so peaceful there.

♥ A walk in nature

along the Luisenstädtischer Kanal — which used to be a canal linking the Landwehr Canal to the River Spree but is now filled in and made into a park with sunken gardens. Start from the southern end by the river and end at Engelbecken, which is Angel’s Pool in English, which retained a sunken pool with a fountain.

If you live in Kreuzberg or Berlin, have you any other recommendations for me? What else would you need to make an urban setting a calm retreat? Tell me in the comments section!



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