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Wanted : Guest Posts about Yoga!



Currently I’ve been publishing an interview for Yogis Talk the first Friday of the month and Q and A video posts on the second and fourth Thursdays. When I have something written to publish, that comes out on the occasional Tuesday.

I realize, however, that I’m gifted by a wonderful community of awesome yogis, and so I’m opening up Active Hands Yoga to the community to share their valuable wisdom and experiences. Are you a yoga teacher or a yoga student? Or just yoga-curious?

I’m specifically looking for….

* …”My Favorite Asana” posts where you tell us your favorite asana and why, especially if you have a story

* …Real Life Yoga Style Icon where you show us with photos or videos how you dress for yoga class and your daily life

* …‘Traveling Yogi’ posts where you share your experiences in a yoga ashram or meditation retreat

* …any other guest post (it can be written, video or image-based) that my readers’ll love….

As long as  you have something valuable and unique to share, you’re so welcome here. And it’s so easy!

To submit a post, please email me at info at activehandsyoga dot com, and tell me what you’d like write / film / interview about. After you submit an idea, I’ll work with you to create something that works well for our readers and for you. As necessary, I will also edit the piece with your feedback, so we can all be 100% happy about our work together. For more information, I’ve created some submission guidelines for guest posts here.



Photo from 7ustaGirl

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