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What is the role of a teacher? (it’s NOT guru, btw)

Lately the yoga world has been really stirred up about the misdeeds of John Friend, leader and founder of Anusara Yoga. Even though I am not affiliated with Anusara, some really amazing yoga teachers have come out of that school from whom I’ve learned. I’ve also personally studied under John Friend in a three-day workshop. It was a good workshop where I took away many good things, some of which I shared on my video about John Friend.

All of the conversations about how to go forward as a community or simply breaking away made me start thinking about the role of a yoga teacher.

Watch my video below for my thoughts…

YouTube Preview Image


And I totally did not mean to make a pun, which I only realized after I made the video and am only now writing it up for this post.


What do you think the role of a yoga teacher is? Let me know!

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