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Why change yoga styles?

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When I started out with yoga, I tried every kind of yoga out there: Iyengar, Ashtanga, hot yoga, Acroyoga, Jivamukti, whatever. I wanted to learn from every style and take from every style what worked for my body. The magpie style worked really well for a maximizer like me: I took the best from every teacher and left the rest.

Over two years ago, I stopped teaching yoga because I started learning a new style. I wanted to go in deep and so I left my magpie vinyasa yoga practice behind.

Some people ask me why.

How can I choose and commit to one yoga style?

I’ll answer the question using a parable from yoga history.

David Gordon White in his 1996 book The Alchemical Body tells the story of a siddhi (power) contest between Gorakh and Allama-Prabhu, two accomplished yogis:

Gorakh is very proud of his yogic accomplishments, bragging that no sword can cut through his body, polished to the hardness of a diamond through his craft. 

So when Allama Prabhu takes a sword to Gorakh, its blade shatters on his adamantine body.

When Gorakh raises his sword to Allama Prabhu in return, its blade passes through his body, which is wholly ethereal.

Allama Prabhu then chides Gorakh, saying that such bodily density is merely the mark of a density of illusion (103).

After this, Gorakh puts down his sword and asks Allama Prabhu to take him on as his student.

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