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Why I love beginners, in and out of yoga class

In celebration of the new students signing up for my beginners’ yoga series starting on Wednesday, I wrote an ode to beginners–and those who maintain a beginners’ mind:

Why I love beginners

♥ Because it takes courage to do something new & to lean out of your comfort zone

♥ Because you have to be humble enough to accept that you know nothing

♥ Because beginners have no expectations–and, therefore, everything is possible

♥ Because in the face of the impossible instructions, you will inevitably fail a few (or many!) times

♥ Because learning something new takes your entire focus and letting go of everything but the present moment

♥ Because you have to open & surrender to the teacher while maintaining your integrity to your intuition to what’s not right for you

♥ Because you’re taking the first steps of a long journey (if it’s worth doing, it’ll be a long journey), and that’s pure magic.

So congratulations and a warm welcome  to those who are starting yoga with me on Wednesday!

Also, due to tech mishaps, I may not have received all of my messages sent through my contact form from mid-October until yesterday. So if you wrote me and I did not yet respond, I’m sorry. But you’ll have to write me again.

Because of this I still have places left in the series–it’s not too late to sign up!



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