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Yoga for Allergy and Sneezing Relief

Yoga can clear your nasal passages for relief from allergies and sneezing.

The following three techniques have helped me tremendously to breathe easier:

  • Nasal Cleansing (Jala Neti)

Wash your nasal passages with a salt water solution. It sounds gross, but you also brush your teeth twice a day. Why not wash your nose once a day? It physically removes all the particles–dander, dust, pollen–that aggravate your allergies. I find that better than popping a pill every day.

  • Breath of Fire technique (Kapalabhati)

This fast breathing technique forces all the stale air out and clears out your nasal passages.

  • Breath Balancing Pose (Padadhirasana)

This posture balances the breathing flow from both nostrils as well as the pranic passages. It prepares you for pranayama / breath control and meditation.

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