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Yoga Is Not … what you can do

Yeah by Jon Campbell


I’ve told my students that yoga is not what you look like.

It doesn’t matter if your tree pose is lopsided or your plank isn’t straight like a straw.

I always emphasized that yoga was how hard you tried, how you didn’t give up, how much you brought to the pose.


Now I don’t think yoga is about what you can or cannot do.

Yoga is a state of being.

I’ve known this, of course.

But somehow being able to do the advanced poses mattered still.


I recently found a list of my goals for 2012.

When I read through it, I was reminded that one of my intentions was to hold headstand for 10 minutes.

I still can’t hold headstand for that long.

Now it doesn’t matter to me anymore.


Why did I measure myself according to what I can do and for how long?

The same reason I have photos of beautiful yogis in perfect poses on my tumblr website.

Because yoga, for me at least, worked from the outside in.


I started with the physical, and now I’m working on the subtler parts.

I still have a barometer for my personal yoga practice.

But it’s no longer headstands, handstands, or anything else I can photograph.


What is yoga for you?



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