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Yoga Tools Shopping List for Yoginis (sorry, men!)

In case you’re starting out new in yoga as a beginner, here are some cool tools for your yoga tool box including a set of practical and imminently wearable top and pants for women. Unfortunately, gentlemen, I could not find any performance wear that I could whole-heartedly recommend to you. But a T-shirt and some not-too-tight, not-too-loose shorts would be fine. You can catch my video on recommendations for what to wear to your first yoga class here.

But the non-wearables below can be used by anyone. I don’t believe you have to buy ANYTHING to practice yoga, however, not even a yoga mat. These tools can enhance your practice, but yoga is about your mind, breath and body–not how far you push your body or how deep you can stretch. No tools can replace your presence or your attention.

This Matt & Nat Satchel has enough space for your regular stuff and a change of clothes for yoga class. To boot, it’s vegan! Even though I feel like the vegan leather replacement materials are all made of plastic of one form or another, the lesser evil is still plastic, especially if you use it forever and never throw it away.

I use the Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat at home. Since my last mat lasted me about ten years, I wanted to find a mat that would stay with me for life. And Manduka has a lifetime guarantee for this mat, so I’ll have variations on this mat for the rest of my life. How many other objects in your life can lay claim to that?

My big caveat is that it’s not made of natural materials. The rubber mats may be less processed and thus better for your health, but the ones that were on the market when I bought my mat wore away after a year or two.

Not that you need a Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Towel. If your hands and feet slip all over, practicing using your core to hold yourself in your center–that’s part of yoga. But I know that sometimes it seems like you need just a bit more help or you sweat as soon as you step on your mat. So that’s where the skidless yoga towel comes in–to give you even more traction from slipping than your yoga mat.

If you’re looking for a yoga outfit that can pass for normal clothes, I recommend this Hyde Women’s Trieger Tank. You can layer over it in the winter and wear it out and about in the summer–no one would suspect that you were on your way to/from yoga class. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors.

I alternate between black stretchy yoga calf-length pants and long wool leggings that are meant to be long underwear like these Icebreaker Women’s Bodyfit 200 Leggings. Especially in this cold weather, I like the extra layer of warmth as well as coverage. What I love is that I already wear these under my clothes so I don’t need to pack an extra set of yoga clothes when I teach yoga in the middle of the day. If you are going to a super sweaty yoga class, I would not recommend these leggings for it because once they get wet with your sweat, it takes a bit longer than performance fabrics to wick the sweat away.

What do you consider indispensable for taking your yoga to the next level? As always, let me know in the comments.



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