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Yogis Talk Radio Show: Ashley Brunner of Give A Mat

Yoga Students in Meditation at Suly in Bali

I was so excited to speak to Ashley Brunner shortly before the holidays. I met her through Give a Mat, a not-for-project that connects donors to high school students in Bali, Indonesia.

Ashley’s story illustrates how quickly projects can be implemented from getting an idea to serve and putting it to action in a just a few months. In April of 2011, she was inspired to start the Give a Mat program and got it registered and set up online by late August. So in four short months she founded a not-for-profit with an international reach! How amazing is that?

Yoga students at Suly in Bali

So, listen to the entire interview with Ashley to learn about the following and more…

  • How giving may be the best way to heal
  • Where to get help, especially with the tech side of things, if you are thinking of starting a not-for-profit–(hint: here’s a link to Grassroots)
  • Challenges of running a not-for-profit with international reach
  • Ashley’s best advice if you want to start a similar project

If you have any questions or comments, get in touch with Ashley at giveamat at gmail dot com, on Facebook, and at Give A Mat’s website. Give a Mat is looking for donors, other schools to help, and volunteer yoga teachers.

Images from Give A Mat

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